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Experience the true essence of homemade Indian cuisine, served with care and speed. No need for fancy dining establishments – at Punjab Canteen, we bring the authentic flavors of India to you, freshly prepared and affordably priced. In a commitment to community, we proudly employ over 50 international students alongside local talents, fostering diversity and opportunity. Join us as we expand our vision, offering franchise opportunities to passionate entrepreneurs and newcomers alike, spreading the warmth of Punjab Canteen across the globe.

Our goal is to become the premier Indian Quick Service Restaurant chain in Canada and beyond. By establishing convenient locations and prioritizing exceptional customer experiences, we aim to expand our reach across the continent through franchising opportunities.

Niraj Gautam | CEO

Behind the Scenes

our team

We’re a bunch of food enthusiasts who love what we do. From the chefs whipping up your favorite dishes to the friendly folks making sure you feel at home, our team is the heart and soul of Punjab Canteen. Come on in and meet the faces that make your dining experience special – because we’re more than just a restaurant, we’re a family serving up smiles and flavors every day!

Dive into a Culinary journey with Us!

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